Perhaps, the most intriguing aspect about Lovely Professional University is the legacy left behind by countless Vertos who were inherent winners in their respective domains, especially Vertos pursuing Lovely Professional University’s flagship B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering. And now that unsurpassed legacy at the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition 2021 (IAAC) has been driven forward by three of Lovely Professional University’s most competent Vertos Gopalchetty Brahma together with Vinay Kumar Reddy Andluriacing the youth category (above 18 years), and Sathwik Bikumalla one-shotting the gold honor in the junior bracket (under 18 years) competing against 4700+ participants on an international stage.

Over the years, Vertos have made their mark at the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition 2021 (IAAC), starting from Sm Sammam Sakti Ibn Sahadat bronze medalistBhanu Kapeendra Majety bronze medalistMS Ragul silver medalist, and countless others., leading to a never-ending streak of champions belonging to the Lovely Professional University.

The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition is an international platform open to all astronomy and astrophysics enthusiasts to unleash their deep knowledge and compete against one another in solving modern-day cosmic perplexities starting from the Big Bang to today and on into the future. The competition comprises three rounds: the qualification round, the semi-finals, and the final round, assessing competitors’ in-depth knowledge of byzantine astrophysics and astronomy concepts. On top of that, each question comes with a time restriction, and with 4700+ competitors from countries like the United States, the United KingdomRussiaSouth KoreaFrance, etc., the competition only gets fierce. All of our Vertos at the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC) attribute their success to the Head of the Department (HOD) of Aerospace Engineering, Mr. Amit Kumar Thakur, at Lovely Professional University for mentoring and encouraging budding astrophysicists to participate in such competitions.

Our galaxy is endlessly growing, and it has no center, at least not that we are aware of. Be that as it may, tyrannically, if you consider yourself as the heart of the universe, everything seems to be swinging away from you, and this is true regardless of where you place yourself. Therefore, at any place on planet earth, we can argue that you are at the center of the universe, now let the thought sink in!