A cover letter is a way of introducing yourself to a potential employer, explaining why you are suitable for an open position. It shows that you’re capable of satisfying the company’s demands by presenting yourself on the paper by highlighting your overall accomplishment and special talents. So, now it becomes important to have a solid cover letter.


a) Research: It’s always a better idea to research the content that you are going to present in your cover letter. Research well about the company’s history, its inception, vision, and mostly its mission. And once you do that, your content will speak for itself.

b) Choose the right approach: There are no ways to make a perfect cover letter, but make sure that you choose the correct approach. Pick the relevant format, keep it simple and effective.

c) Analyze the relevance: Make a list of the skill set and analyze if they match the skill set required for that position or not. Always try to connect your qualifications, skills, experience and achievements with the company’s goals.


a) Avoid Typos and Grammatical Error: Grammatical errors generally indicate your carelessness. So, you should reduce the chance of making such mistakes.

b) Avoid being too personal: Of course, the letter includes your personal information, but you shouldn’t drag too much information about yourself. Always make it precise.

c) Use relevant format: Latest format and trends for cover letters should be taken into consideration and avoid using the outdated one.

d) Address the value of the organization: Make sure you try to address the core value of the companies you are applying for.

e) Use keywords for referencing: Including keywords reward you with better opportunities when adding it along with your qualification.

f) Be Exclusive: It’s a better idea to make it unique, creative and original, including detailed information.


a) Proofread: Once you have written your cover letter, proofread it. Edit it if needed. Ask help from your friends, family who could assist you.

b) Analyze: Once proofreading is done, analyze whether something is missing or not. Check whether or not you have included everything in the letter.

Remember, your cover letter sells your skills and gives reasons to the company to hire you.