Everyone enters college with lots of dreams and aspirations and we all look for something interesting as we enter college. It’s a lot different from school life we lived in for many years. LPU gives a really exciting experience to its students. From induction till convocation, we live a whole new experience. Beginning from the campus, it is quite an interesting place to visit. It offers everything from studying to entertainment.


Food stalls

The campus cafes provide a tremendous variety of different cultures. The flavors let you dwell in almost every state of the country. The corridors of your departments give you time to chill and chit chat with your friends before and after the classes.

The inviting stage:


The university mall gives you the feel of not being in college while in college. The grand stage gives you intense motivation and confidence to do something and showcase your talent in public. The university gives you all kinds of opportunities to work on your talent and sparkle out. The famous personalities, who visit the college, stand on the stage to share their story of success, fill the students with great enthusiasm and spunk to do something in their life. 

Studies, entertainment and nature:


The central library is an incredible place to read and concentrate. It helps you throughout your studies to stay focused, read extra, and increase your knowledge base. There is a separate game zone which is a place to escape from your hectic timetable and enjoy yourself with your friends by playing exciting games. The place has a great ambience with reasonable charges for each game. The music in the background adds an extra advantage to the place. The gardens of LPU invite the students to cherish the natural beauty. The exotic flowers add so much elegance to the place. It also acts as a great spot for clicking good pictures. The campus in itself is so inviting that when one visits the place the first time, he is left amazed. 

The mega events:

One world

The university holds some mega events every year where students and faculty members work together and showcase their talents. One India, One World is one such event where the University glows different as students divide themselves into different states/countries and represent their culture. Spectra is another one where competitions are held for every kind of talent and students can be a part of it by participating in the area they are good at.

So if you are planning to be a part of this university, I bet you are going to have a whole new exhilarating experience. The journey here will fill you with lasting memories. Once you are in college experiencing everything in a single place, it gets hard to leave the place. You will find so much attachment and homely experience living in the university. 

Welcome to the world of LPU!