Life After Graduation

Life After Graduation


Are you about to graduate, here are a few things that give your insight on how life could be in and after college? College is a phase of life but it can never be life. Life can’t make you sit in the same place for long because there is a lot to teach for you. Mistakes can be the admissions for the second graduation in life. Right now, you may be dependent, later in you have your own life. It tones of responsibilities to handle alone and deal with it. It’s different when in a college, after that life will change. Don’t worry I’m not here to scare you but to aware how would life after graduation. Its doesn’t mean you will miss late parties, trips and much more. Here some add on will be there you will get some more pick up so that will impact your normal life. Getting know, what kind of life after college, is must know my every student. Because you are going to lead real-life with big challenges. I’m here with you for helping to solve your problems and provide guidance in the right way. Few tips can may a big improvement in life.

  • Financial management

Money can do many thingsCareer

Don’t forget your month ending when you are in a college, spending a night with Maggie’s and waiting for the next pocket money. Not anymore today I will provide a better tip that can change your life. Money is an important thing in life because you need it for everything. Making a financial plan for your life will may you a better person. I suggest spending your money on parties much that it takes, keep some money for investment. Because that will provide some confidence when you have no money. There is no need to ask anyone. You live your life.


  • You may screw your life

Be positive! Move on!Life

When the students get out there is a high chance that they screw themselves because of lack of knowledge or improper guidance. It’s true there is no grantee that you will be on the right path. So, look your moves and make the decision wisely. Friends won’t be available to guide you, whatever happens, its just life teaching lessons.

  • Aware of reality

LifeWhen in college you may a goal like buy an expensive car and travelling vacations. I want you to think making is planning is easy but implementing is so complicated. Just get into reality see what you can do. Buy the car or house you desire with the better settlement. I’m not saying you can’t buy, of course, you can but I want you to understand everything takes time and reality. Once you know how life works you can buy whatever you want to. Do comprise and don’t leave your goals. Work for it, never ever just give thoughts. Come back from daydreams make it accomplishes. If you want everything in a year that will so hard for you because the child thinks he knows everything. If a child thinks like that and what adults should think?! Find a better place for you in the big competitive world, make stand for people who stood for you.