At some point or other, we all had been through this thought that whether to avail hostel facility or stay out the campus.

College life is all about learning new things and experiencing a whole new home away from your home. It’s not just that in college you get educated but also we understand how the world works. What can make people like you and what would be something that would turn your best friend to your enemy?

Many colleges these days have a hostel facility and there is a reason for that. But as nothing in this world is perfect everything has its good and bad sides and so does living on campus.

Let’s understand that even after we have cons of living on campus, why students prefer hostel.

Pros of Living on-campus

The place where we live defines and decides a lot about our day to day life we will be living. Living on campus gives you access to an amazing lifestyle from the cafeteria to the library to the fitness centre. And that is what shapes us just not mentally but also physically. Sharing your room with the same aged people as you gives you a lot of situation handling skills and teaches you better time management.people-coffee-notes-tea

Better focus on the studies. Yes! That is what we are for in college to study and what is the point of not accomplishing your mission when you are responsible for that. Living out campus could lead to distraction and could give you a hard time studying. Staying on campus gives you an environment where studying for you would become more simple accessing the facility of the library with the books of all subjects you need any moment.

Money matters. Availing hostel facility can save a lot of money as compared to living outside. Living on campus gives you a lot of relaxation on the money you spend on living and food facility.

Cons of living On-Campus

Rules… Rules and Rules…! We all hate strict rules which we have to follow staying on campus. Living life on others terms is however not everyone’s cup of tea. So you must go through the brochure before joining the hostel to understand their terms and conditions.

Little independence. Living in a hostel can give you a feeling of dependency. And every student who wants to feel like an independent adult hates that feeling. We all want to live an independent life on our terms. Hence it could be a good decision to give hostel life a second thought if you are someone who wants to be an independent bird.    

Little privacy. Introverts are everywhere. And of course, who doesn’t love a private space. But if you are choosing hostel then there are few or no chances that you are going to get any personal space because that is what hostel is you are forever going to be surrounded by the crowd. And when hostel warden won’t leave a chance to call you in warden office for any misconduct you did with your friends in the corridor last night.  

However looking for both sides of the coin, it could be stated that although hostel life gives you less of independence and privacy that is what teaches you discipline. And hostels are after all one of the best places where we make memories with our friends in college life. Maybe you would miss your personal space in the beginning but in the end, you are going to miss that crowd and the Maggi you ate with your friends in the hostel room at 2 AM.

So choose wisely.