LPU Department of Fine Arts Held Its 6th Annual Art Exhibition


LPU Department of Fine Arts held its 6th Annual Art Exhibition ‘Creative Contour’ on the campus. It showcased some very interesting art works created by the students and faculty members of the department. The Fine Arts Department was started some 8 years ago with just 2-3 faculty members and 7 students as an experiment. Its growth was well evidenced in the talent and skill exhibited in each work put on show.

The 6th edition of ‘Creative Contour’ showcased different genres of fine arts, in various medium, ranging from the conventional and more academic sculptural works in marble and metal, paintings and drawings, to experimental videos, photo – montages, installations, as well as ad designs and campaigns.

Events like these are a break from regular academic activities and an expression of arts importance to regular life and its contribution to society’s progress. Through such exhibitions we integrate the artistically inclined into the mainstream, and break stereotypes that marginalize art as apart from everyday life, instead of celebrating it as a part of living.  

– Saroj Kumar Das