A Professor in Chemistry from School of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Ravichandran, has published a valuable book on Climate change and Human Health in Kripa Drishti Publications, Pune. His published book is available at the following web link:


LPU is one of the premier academic institutions recognized internationally for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, research and leadership. The vibrant campus life of LPU focuses on finding a possible solution to environmental issues like climate change and global warming.

The earth’s average surface temperature and climate have been changing throughout the world. Even small changes in climate conditions may disturb agriculture that would lead to migration of humans, birds and animals. Human health has always been influenced by climate change. Climate change threatens human health in numerous ways. Adverse health effects attributed to climate change can have many economic and social consequences. In addition, the effects of global climate change on mental health, extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and melting snow are already disrupting people’s lives.

Understanding how climate is changing and affecting human health help reduce the amount of future climate change. Some of the possible and amicable preventive measures to control climate change and global warming are:

  • Plant more trees
  • Adopt sustainable agriculture
  • Stabilize population growth
  • Avoid and reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • Avoid deforestation
  • Avoid and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers
  • Utilize renewable resources at maximum
  • Remove atmospheric CO2 by utilizing photosynthetic algae

In addition, Dr. Ravichandran has published a valuable textbook on “Environmental Science” which is based on the syllabus prescribed by UGC. The entire book is available at the following web link:


Dr. Ravichandran expressed his sincere gratitude to all the contributors and also to Dr. Sudha Dubey (Assistant Professor in Sociology) and Dr. Jyoti Rajput (Associate Professor in Physics) at Lovely Professional University for their encouragement and constant support.