With the second wave of COVID-19 on the rise, Vaccination is the most effective shield against the virus. Prioritizing COVID vaccination for its employees, Lovely Professional University has started a massive COVID-19 Vaccination Drive at Uni-Hospital situated within the campus. On Day one, a total of 150 doses were administered to staff and other people, keeping in mind the government guidelines and protocols.

Intending to make LPU one of the safest campuses in the country, the Human Resource Department at the university took initiative and announced a hassle-free online registration link for staff members. Maximum of the staff members volunteered and got registered. Sufficient workforce was allotted to make sure no one faces any issue anywhere throughout the process.

The Drive went smoothly under the supervision of the authorities. Faculty members from LPU itself were seen pro-actively participating in the Vaccination drive showing the strength and will of the #LPUFamily as a whole. This not only projects a positive message to the world but also inspires the students to get vaccinated. It will ultimately lead to fewer COVID-19 illnesses, hospitalizations, and serious happenings.

LPU firmly believes prevention is better than cure. Even before the Vaccination Drive, LPU has been organizing and arranging frequent and effective ways to reduce the COVID-19 footprint on its campus. Regular sanitization drives, frequent health check-ups, wearing masks and keeping social distancing are compulsory for all staff members & visitors while being in campus. These steps are not only helpful with the ongoing scenario but also inspire others to keep following the protocols and maintain their health and hygiene.

LPU has been encouraging everyone across the globe to actively participate in Vaccination Drives at their respective locations. With all the positive changes around us, we aim we soon will be out of this Pandemic and relive our traditional way of life.