On September 24, 1969, the National Service Scheme (NSS) came into existence. The students who are part of NSS contribute to the betterment of society alongside the members of society who also participate in these activities. Cadets from LPU-NSS have always been excellent role models for others by demonstrating a never-ending enthusiasm for serving both the local community and the nation as a whole. In line with this passion, on the 53rd National Service Day, members of the LPU-NSS went to slum areas in and around Jalandhar to feed the poor, give out books, pencils, and other necessities, and spend time with children who haven’t had the basic things they need. 

There are numerous justifications for donating food. It has the potential to alleviate suffering during times of natural disaster, feed the poor, and cut down on the amount of food that is wasted. When you donate food, you are contributing to the cause by ensuring that the food will be consumed rather than wasted.

Providing the people who live in slum areas with access to literature is one of the most essential things that we as students can do to assist the people who live in these places. This can be accomplished by giving copies of books to each of the inhabitants. Giving books to people who live in slums has many positive effects on their lives.

Studies have revealed that the likelihood of a person being literate is higher among those who have access to books compared to those who do not. Second, giving those who live in slums access to reading materials can help improve their economic status. This is because having skills in reading and writing can lead to improved work options as well as higher earnings. Third, the distribution of books in slum regions has the potential to improve both the social and cultural climate there. This is because they can facilitate people connecting and sharing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.