Career Trends You Should Be Watching In 2020

Career Trends You Should Be Watching In 2020


Technology is not only making our lives easier but also becoming a way of shifting usually career options in a single direction. Surveys say that the number of enrollment of students in the usual graduation courses will decrease 4 times by 2020 and growth in future development sectors will increase massively.

Here is the list of top trends of 2020 that is going to heavily impact the world.

Information Technology/ Artificial Intelligence

CareerNo doubt Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Robotics are the future of the current century. These are those tools which are sector independent. These are used in medicals, automobiles, designing, food and agriculture and almost every field. Cybersecurity in the IT field is also going to be the most demandable tool in the future. The growth and globalization need a lot of people from these backgrounds.

Architecture and Infrastructure

CareerSeeing the rate of globalization, the architecture and infrastructure market is considered as the most expandable market of all time. You have options of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Site Engineering, Geotechnical Engineer and builder. Real Estate is something which is and will always be booming. If you are creative, enough then it’s not hard to achieve your financial goals through this stream.

Corporate Lawyer

CareerLawyering is one of the most paid skills of all time. And seeing the growth and expansion of new as well as old companies the corporate lawyer jobs are on the trend. If you are productive and have great law knowledge as well as communication skills, bringing higher value or saving higher on costs will surely make the company give you pay of your choice. The most demanding firms include financial/ investing companies or tech giants.

Marketing and Sales

CareerIf everybody says that AI or IT is the body of any current industry, then Marketing and Sales is the backbone of those industries. This is the time of digitalization, and the demand for digital marketing people or direct sales marketing is on fire. Companies will always need energetic, enthusiast marketing persons who hold the ability to rise any firm in quick. You can pursue a management stream like BBA, MBA or marketing courses for this.

Professional Athlete

CareerSports is something which was always there in the frame but the sincerity and discipline of people towards it started to rise from the last decade. A professional athlete is also a worthy carrier option. If you are passionate about football, basketball, wrestling or any sports and want to pursue your passion with dedication and hard work, then this career option will surely be going to pay you a lot.

Entrepreneurship/ Business owner

CareerHow can anyone forget about the most independent and powerful career trend for centuries, Entrepreneurship? Believing in your vision, pursuing it consistently and creating a mark on the society and business industry is everyone’s dream. A few years back parents and society were uncomfortable with independent choices of own venture of their wards, but the success and examples have changed their mindset.