Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities much more so than music or language.

-Conrad Hall

The infinite possibilities are provided by the experts and pioneers in the field of cinematography making the innovations. LPU Campus was graced by senior cinematographer Mr. Navneet Misser for a workshop on Periodic Cinema! He shared his wisdom with our students pursuing Film and TV Production and helped them learn and understand various nuances of cinematography.

Navneet Misser, a famous Indian cinematographer, started his career in 2013 with Gujarati movie Saptapadii. Following this, he got associated with the 2014 Hindi romantic movie “Karle Pyaar Karle”. He has also worked on Punjabi movies like “Angrez”, “Love Punjab”, and “Sardar Saab”, and in 2017. He was also involved with Kapil Sharma`s “Firangi”. His 2018 releases include Punjabi war, Ashke and Bhajjo Veero Ve.

Mr. Navneet Misser gave some really insightful tips to the students regarding the industry work. He also shared the procedures and techniques he used in making of various films. He conveyed to the students that cinematography is the heart of TV and film industry and the ever-changing part, which is in dire need of innovation.

“Such workshops are always helpful for students. Practical learning is important in film-making. We are  happy that Mr. Navneet Misser today visited LPU and helped us learn about periodic cinema. The session on camera handling was the best one,” says one of the student from Film and TV Production.

Cinematography is an art, which has inseparable part of filmmaking. Cinematographers are responsible for showing the creativity and intent of the storytellers. It requires immense focus for a cinematographer to exactly portray the thought or experience. Ninety per cent of the content consumed these days include web series and movies. It is important to shape the society as the flow of ideas and concepts also happen to be done by the frame of the cinematographers. Therefore, it is an important and typical skill to master.