LPU Shining on Reality TV



LPU’s talent is shining bright on reality TV’s talent shows. Here’s a glimpse at the ongoing journeys of three LPU talents, on popular TV shows, that have had every Vero’s heart swelling with pride and pleasure. 

On & TV’s ‘The Voice of India Season 2’ Paras Mann has sailed to top on a string of mesmerizing, performances. 

At the blind auditions in December, Paras (LPU student of M.A Performing Arts –  Music) cast a spell with his captivating voice.The overwhelmed audience, and the judges gave him a standing ovation, and made fervent appeals of “Once More”. Watch him work his magic at:


His soulful voice had him breezing through the Battle Round and into the Knock Out round :

paras 1.jpg

And then to the Top 12, as part of Team Salim:

paras 2.png

Paras’s journey, so far, has been awe inspiring. With each performance better than the last, he has left us all wanting more. 


Meanwhile, on Star Plus show ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’, LPU duo Ajay K Tiwari and Amritanshu Dutta have gone from strength to strength. No challenge, no competition has daunted them, or checked their brilliance. 

At one of their earliest appearances on the show, they wowed everyone with their soul stirring rendition of ‘Oh Rangrez’. They received a standing ovation from the celebrity judges who hailed their performance as the best on the show that far.

Watch them mesmerize their audience, from minutes 09:31 to 15:26, in the video on the link below:



At the Top 11 Premiere, they guys had the privilege of meeting and performing in front of mega star Shahrukh Khan. 


Now Ajay and Amritanshu have moved to the Top 10. Their mellifluous rendition of the song Karan Johar challenged them with, has left us waiting with baited breath for their next performance, and the one after that, and the one after…