If you’re someone who gets the jitters right after you hear the word ‘interview’, don’t worry, you’re just like the rest of the people. Interviews can cause a lot of nervousness but with the right approaches, you can land that dream job of yours.

  • Research the company

Research the company

Nothing could be worse than sitting for an interview for a company and not knowing anything about what they do. You don’t need to remember the company’s stats or anything, just the type of work they do, how old the company is and their tie-ups if any.

  • Don’t lie

Lying can cost you big time. You might get away with a single lie but remember you will have to cover up for it in the future.

  • Be punctual


Always make sure to reach the interview venue ahead by at least 15 minutes. It will help you in getting used to the environment. There might also be sudden surprises at the venue so reaching ahead will help you a lot.

  • Update your CV

Update CV

Your CV is what makes you stand out from the rest. Keep it updated and surely mention your skills that you think would give you an edge over the others. A CV should be well organized as it gives the employer a good impression.

  • Dress appropriately

Dress appropriately

Avoid wearing bright colors, strong perfumes, too much makeup, and jewelry or whatever that might distract the employer. Don’t forget to polish your shoes and iron your clothes. It may seem like the interviewer won’t pay attention but they notice the smallest of things.

  • Body language counts

Body language

Sitting up straight makes you seem a lot more confident. Don’t slouch as it might make it seem like you aren’t interested. The way you move your hands while you’re talking and making eye contact matters a lot.

  • Interact with the employer

Interact with the employer

It’s completely okay to ask the interviewer to repeat anything you didn’t understand. Don’t be too demanding in asking for higher pay. There are ways in which you can negotiate but demand isn’t the best option. Ask the interviewer how your interview went and your chances of being selected. This will leave an impression that you are truly interested.

It all comes down to the day of your interview. Everything you studied in college would have to reflect on that day. You may have done a lot of projects but the way you present yourself on the day of your interview is what matters more than what’s written in your CV.