Both M.Tech and MBA show you a world of unlimited possibilities, they both have their own perks. The question often perplexes B.Tech graduates comparing the two fields. Do you have the brain of scientist that sees the impossible, or of a leader that has a solution to every problem? The question isn’t which is better – M.Tech or MBA, the question is – which one of these will let you reach your full potential. So, we’ll dig into the details of what these two courses have to offer you, and help you decide which one’s best for you.

Comparing What You Learn From Each

  • M.Tech takes you to deeper technical knowledge of engineering. MBA with specialization trains you in handling leadership positions.
  • M.Tech, being more detailed on technical aspects is considered “more difficult” than MBA. MBA, on the other hand, puts to test your conflict resolution abilities and leadership.
  • M.Tech opens the door to pursuing Ph.D giving you a chance to be the expert in your field, pursue research and, give your contribution to your favorite field. 

Which is Better - M.Tech or MBA

  • MBA widens the extent of your expertise in business management, people management, finance management, etc and will give you the skills to climb up the corporate ladder.
  • With a better understanding of business models and corporate structure, MBA will fashion you into becoming your own boss and let you glide into the widely acclaimed arena of entrepreneurship.
  • With MBA, you get the chance to be a job-provider instead of being a job-seeker.

As enticing as MBA might sound, the world doesn’t run on just entrepreneurs. M.Tech gives you a platform to research, think critically about your field, yield new technologies, ideas and, make inventions which make the world progress and, evolve.

Comparing Career Prospects

Both MBA and M.Tech lead to lucrative careers.


Which is Better - M.Tech or MBA

  • Depending on the career choice and the organization you choose to work for, the salary of an M.Tech ranges between 3 lac p.a to 10 lac p.a.
  • Career options after M.Tech include teaching, corporate job, Gov’t job, or pursuing Ph.D.
  • Teaching can be rewarding for those who love to explain things and can adapt themselves to student needs.
  • Various gov’t organizations like DRDO, BEL, BHEL, HAL, SAIL, etc offer lucrative job opportunities to M.Tech graduates.


Which is Better - M.Tech or MBA

  • The salary of an MBA ranges between 3 lac p.a to 10 lac p.a.
  • Career options after MBA include corporate job, Gov’t job, or entrepreneurship.
  • As a fresher, you will most likely be handling leadership roles. MBA will give you an edge over B.Tech graduates with better management skills in addition to technical skills.

How to get Admission in M.Tech or MBA

Both M.Tech and MBA have entrance tests designated for them.

MBA aspirants can prepare for entrance tests like LPUNEST/CAT/ MAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ GMAT. The admission will be based on test scores followed by an interview.

M.Tech aspirants need to qualify entrance tests like GATE and LPUNEST.