Group projects will often come across you in college. Although not in the beginning, as you progress through the curriculum, you will get group projects once or more than that each month. As the grades you obtain in those projects, will add to your final report and thus affect your CGPA, you need to put your best in it.

But what about the other members of the group? How to organize yourself to be the best group in your section? So, here come the answers:

  • Designate special positions in the group

Group projectsEvery group needs a leader, a supervisor, a coordinator and so on. Appoint someone with the required quality and experience in those special positions. This will help to organize each and everyone’s actions and will obviously make things easier. Also, those persons should exert some authority over the others so that there is no unexpected delays and actions. But the leaders should be extremely cautious not to exert dominance, as that may lead to betrayals and so on.

  • Set up departments

Group projectsDividing your group into sub-groups or departments and assigning different works to them will help you in different ways. First, all the works need to be done to complete the project will be done simultaneously and take a lot less time than if all the members do the same work together. Secondly, you must have heard “too many cooks spoil the brook”. Having the person in the department who have the specific knowledge and experience of the job required to be done by the group will enhance the quality of the work done and obviously save time and resource both. But this technique will work only when the members of the group are at least 8 -10.

  • Put your best, set an example

Group projectsNever ever depend on others. Do your own work efficiently and do it fast. In this way, you will not only be in everyone’s good books but also set an example for others. You may not hold a special position in the group, but that doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, your effort will bring you grades and not your position in the group. And if you hold a special position, remember, you are already someone whom others will follow. So be ready to give your 100% and others will automatically give theirs.

  • Set deadlines

hydrateIt is often told that the best effort by a specific person comes out only when that particular person has some constraints. In your case, the constraints will be time. Calculate precisely the time required to perform the job assigned to each individual or group and set deadlines. There should be clear instructions to get their job done within the specified amount of time. That will create a sense of urgency in the group and will get the project done within the submission date. And thus making your group all set to bring in the best grades.