Lovely Professional University has continuously proved why it is one of the leading universities for higher education in India. Students at LPU has access to various opportunities on different areas based on their interest. One of the most renowned opportunities given by LPU to its vertos is the chance of studying abroad in their dream countries through semester exchange program and credit transfer program for various branches including BBA, MBA, B. Design, B. Tech and many more. Numerous tie-ups and MoUs of LPU with foreign universities have enabled the students to shape their future and achieve their dreams. Many students have already taken advantage of this scheme and are cherishing this opportunity. The tie ups of LPU are with various elite universities situated in USA, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, South Korea and many more.

This time, LPU’s Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) Computer Science and Engineering student Mohd Anas Khan is cherishing this fantastic opportunity of studying at a prestigious university, the Deakin University, Australia under the credit transfer program with 25% scholarship. Deakin University, Australia is ranked among the top 50 universities in the world. It is well known for its top-quality facilities, research and teaching as well as innovation and inclusiveness. The main feature of studying overseas is that it fosters foreign language skills and develop a global spirit.

This not only widens the horizon of your career but also polishes your personality for the future and outer world. LPU aids their students to get better experience and skills. LPU always encourages its students to work hard and achieve what they desire and fulfil their dreams. Anas’s hard work, diligence, and determination has finally paid off and he is headed towards a brighter future. LPU’s stupefying international relationships have helped many students to achieve their dreams and aim for big goals. We are sure that Anas will continue to make us proud in the future too.

The whole LPU family wishes Anas heartiest congratulations and all the best for his future endeavours!