This ongoing (really hot) summer break is draining our energy and if you reside in North India (Haryana, Delhi, or Punjab), the heat has already started to melt your bones making the environment extremely uncomfortable. No sign of rain or monsoon at my place and the ones enjoying rains in the east are highly envied! Anyways, the weather, hot or cold, is not in our hands but how to spent and utilize this weather surely is! Here, I’ll explain separately how to make use of the summer break appositely.

I have previously written an article titled Ways to have your best summer!where I provided some ideas on what to do during the 2-month break. You can either check it out or read ahead as I’ll be mentioning some of them again.

Do a short online course

Doing an online course on any online platform boosts your CV and adds to your experience. If you are an engineering student, it is a must-to-do thing for you. There are several platforms available for it.


I know it’s hot! But working out even in this weather helps you to tone your muscles and get rid of toxins from your body. For exercising in summers, you must stay properly hydrated as your body is going to lose a lot of salts and the last thing you’ll want is to be dehydrated in this scorching heat!

Refresh yourself for the upcoming semester!

The one thing you can do is studying or rather just reading the subjects for your next semester. It will help you to grasp the concepts better if you already have an idea of them. Read a lot of books and study materials related to your subjects.

Do an internship (online or offline)

As you have a lot of time, the perfect way to utilize it is by doing an internship and gaining some experience. You’ll receive a certificate which will play a very important role in your placements.

Plan for future

If you are in the second or third year, it is a good time for you to take a decision on what to do ahead and from where. Like if you want to go for jobs, you need to prepare yourself to sit for placements and if you want to study higher, you must find the best institution for it and start preparing for its admission and the same goes for any competitive exam.

Try online business

Keeping the COVID-19 conditions in mind, you can try for any online business that will live up to your interests in any social media or other platforms. It is a great idea for presenting your skill to the world and make a living out of it.

Do a project

As many of us are already having placement classes along with practicals of the extended semester and various projects altogether, there is very little room for trying anything afresh. If a project is already allotted to you, doing it will provide you grades and make your escape from boredom as well and if it’s not, then find one!

I know how hard it is to manage time even during vacations when you have constant classes and so many other things on your plate but if you get some time for yourself, don’t waste it and utilize it as much as you can.