We all love to stay fit. To keep our bodies in shape we follow many healthy habits. But none of us are aware of some deadly facts that about these habits that are actually doing us more harm than good.

Fat Free Diet: Graphing your fat intake is a good habit, but an extremely low fat diet is harmful. Our body needs fat for the absorption of proteins and other healthy stuff in veggies. Also, your beauty sleep will become a nightmare if you cut down all the fat.

So taking a needed amount of fat is good

Good Water Intake: Taking plenty of water is a very good habit to keep you healthy. But if you want to live longer then stop drinking water from plastic bottles. Water in plastic bottles contains germs and harmful chemicals that will harm your body. 

So have plenty of water, but stick to glass for drinking your life potion.

Sunscreen for Sun Tan: We all are aware of the harm the sun does to our skin. But sun rays supplement our body with Vitamin D. When we apply tons of sunscreen on our skin, we block the sun and unblock the deficiency of Vitamin D in our body.

So love that tan a bit and feed your body the recommended 10 minutes of sun exposure.

Running: The best way to burn calories and to have a healthy heart can be deadly. Research shows that athletes who run extreme distances are more prone to plaque build-up in the arteries. This can lead to major heart problems.

So run moderate distances for a longer life.

Skipping Meals: Yeah skipping one or two meals feels like an amazing diet idea. But this will be harmful to you in the long run. Skipping meals make you hungry thus forcing you to overeat. Overeating will turn lead to increased cholesterol levels, diabetes and increase in weight.

So don’t skip any meal, just reduce the quantity of food you take.

Enjoy a HEALTHY Life in a Healthy Way.

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