We all are so much negatively surrounded by different aspects of life that we cannot look beyond the gloomy clouds. Before understanding why we need to quit the habit of being negatively bias, it is important to understand what it actually exists. So, negative biasedness is a human psychological notion of giving more importance to negative and sad feelings than that of positive and happier ones.

For an example, it is a normal human tendency to work upon negatives and not on positives. If a person does 10 things in your favour and 1 out of your favour, so it is normal to give importance to the 1 sad thing and not the 10 happier ones. It is also known as ‘The Negativity Effect’. In this psychological phenomenon, it is said that a traumatic incidence leaves more footprints on the brain of a person than those of happy and peaceful events.

When would we quit Negative Biasedness

It happens because negative and traumatic events take a person out of his comfort zone and those things which take him out of his/her comfort zone, get him to think of the event more which in turns leads to negative bias. Negative Biasedness is a concept of attention, learning, realisation and memory. It also involves decision making and risk-taking factors which makes it more impactful and dominant than positive bias.  

Now the question arises that if it is a normal and most common human psychological phenomenon, then is it possible to eliminate it? Is it possible to get rid of it or it would continue with its pace? The answer to these questions is that it could be reduced to almost zero but it can never be completely eliminated from the human brain. We can understand it by an example that God forbids but if a relative of yours finds his life be ended, it would be hard for you to be positive at that time, right?

When would we quit Negative Biasedness

‘Negative Biasness’ could never be eliminated completely but anyone can reduce the intensity of it by different methods like yoga, meditation and sports. The more your brain is healthy and satisfied, the more you will be positive. And in situations where a close person of yours does something which you find saddening, think of those things which he/she did for you in the past that no other person could have done. Make the world a bit positive which will influence the 3 H theory (Harmony-Humanity-Humbleness). And as said, “kindness keeps the world afloat”.