Short Term Course on Numerical Simulation in Computational Fluid Dynamics using ANSYS and MATLAB was organized by the Human Resource Development Center and School of Mechanical Engineering. The program updated the participants on numerical methods for solving fluid flow equations, The deliberations focused on the utilization of ANSYS and MATLAB for numerical simulations, mesh generation techniques, setting up and solving fluid flow problems, post-processing of results, and interpretation of simulation data.

The participants underwent experiential learning sessions on Numerical analysis (Basic fluid Transport equations). powerful computational tools ANSYS and MATLAB, which are essential for solving complex engineering problems. Through exploring various discretization approaches, such as finite difference, finite volume, and spectral methods, they learned to address Diffusion and advection-diffusion problems using ANSYS and MATLAB.

The enhancement in Knowledge of participants was assessed through a post-training evaluation based on Multiple choice questions based on the content delivered. The updation in skills was evaluated by an action learning project.