Why a Daughter?


Today, if you ask an expectant father what gender he would wish his baby to be, his response is likely to be, “a baby girl”.  And there is no surprise in this reply. 

A man first encounters a woman, his mother, when he takes birth. He is brought up by her, and grows up squabbling and playing with his siter. Later in life, when he is all grown up, a man marries a young woman to spend the rest of his life with, and be his partner through thick and thin.

All these years he is blessed to have these ladies who have shaped him into the man he is, but now he wants to see one woman who is not only a combination of all their qualities, but also those he can strengthen her with. He wants a little woman he can raise with the choices his sister didn’t have, a woman he can raise to expect more from the world than his mother ever dreamed possible, a woman who will make her own mother a stronger person. 

He has seen the power in women, the ability to shape the world, the strength that gives a lie to outward fraility or perceived delicacy. He wants to be a part of that.  He wants a daughter so that he can proudly say that there is woman in this world who is a part of him. In her power, he will glory. In her success, he will prosper.

A woman doesn’t need to prove herself equal to men, she just needs equal opportunities and the freedom to be herself.