The Freshmen Induction 2022 is on full flow and has witnessed multiple celebrities coming to the university for entertainment and promotion, adding to the excitement of students to a great extent. As we danced with the tunes of celebrities like Akhil, Gippy Grewal, Tanu Grewal, Karamjit Anmol, and others, we also observed spokesperson arrive at our university to motivate the students and allow them to take a step ahead cautiously in their journey.

Providing a similar experience, Sayeed Ansari, Executive Editor and Anchor of the popular news channel Aaj Tak came to the university to help the students to achieve their goals with the correct choice of path that could lead them to their destiny. He also worked as Associate Executive Producer and Anchor at News 24, Anchor and Reporter at Star News, News Anchor cum Producer at Sahara Samay, News Anchor and Radio Jockey at Doordarshan News and All India Radio.

He instilled positive vibes among students and encouraged them to feel free to ask their doubts from their teachers any time they wish and ask as many questions as possible. He called on students to develop a friendship with their teachers to have better interaction and understanding with clearer concepts. Quoting him, he said, “If you have the right aim, you can achieve everything good in life”. And for that, we need to maintain the integrity and walk on the right path without getting diverted.

He suggested staying away from any type of drugs or traps to achieve anything and everything in life as these can hamper your concentration, health, and any sort of mental peace you seek to develop. He also emphasized developing friends, who become the backbone of our system and well-being, become our strength and pull up during our weaknesses, allowing us to do the best in life without any distractions and see the world in a better way.

Last but not the least, he wants us to see the world, enjoy as much as we can as these are the golden years of our life, and eat well as health is our top priority.

This Freshmen Induction has more surprises to offer in the coming days and I’ll ask you ARE YOU READY?