When it comes to Computer Science branch of Engineering, it’s once a dream branch for every engineering aspirant. If you are looking for a good job in product-based companies or service-based companies or looking for higher education then your prime focus should be on below listed 5 subjects.

By that, I don’t mean that you should not even have a look at other subjects. You should study all other subjects also but throughout the entire four years, you should focus on these 5 subjects.

  1. Programming Language


There are major 4 programming languages and many other languages. You never need to experts in all of them. You should have basic knowledge of all but try to be expert in any of the four major languages. Four major programming languages are- C, C++, Python, Java. If you are preparing for competitive exams then C and C++ are must learn. Choose a language, stick to it and be an expert in that as soon as possible.


  1. Data Structure And Algorithm

You will learn this subject in 3rd semester. For learning this subject, you must be expert in any one programming language. And if you are targeting any product-based company then this will be a must to learn a subject. It is an axiom that data structures and algorithms are the base of computer science. It is the actual computer science.


  1. Database Management System


The entire back-end is somewhat depended upon database management system (DBMS). If you want to be a full-stack developer or back-end expert then this subject is one must learn. It will be taught to you in 3rd semester and it is a must to focus subject.


  1. Software Engineering


Through this subject, one will learn how to make a better and reliable software document. This will be an on-paper course in which one will learn to make Software Requirement Specification which will be used by the developer to develop that software. This subject is important from the competitive exam and placement point of view. You will learn this in the 3rd semester.


  1. Computer Networking


For competitive examination point of view, this is the major subject to be a focus on. The ability to share information ideas and controls between computers is what makes it important in the way the Postman is important for letter delivery. This you will learn in the 4th semester.

Be it placement or higher studies, everyone must have a goal and do the best to accomplish that. Focusing on what is important can reduce our efforts and give us more time.

 “Time is not the one thing, it’s the only thing”