In this article, I will be talking about the best free coding courses that you can take a look at if you are new to programming, or if you want to learn anything like Python, web development, machine learning, Android development, or whatever it is that you want to learn.

The courses that are listed are super engaging and to the point. So the courses are going to be quick. These are not going to bore you. And number, these courses will be a lot about learning by doing things that are really, really important.

The first course that you should be taking if you are getting into programming has to be CS50 2020. This is the 2020 lectures of the CS50 course. It’s a basic course introduction to computer science. In this YouTube playlist you’ll be learning about this language called C. You will then be learning about arrays, algorithms, memory, data structures, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS. Then you’ll be learning about Flash, some back-end development. You’ll also learn about artificial intelligence. Basically, this course will teach you about little bits of all the various fields in software development. And then you can choose which one is more interesting to you. And then you can go down that rabbit hole. So this is what you can do. Go through this whole course. It’s going to be really interesting. The professor is really enthusiastic and you will definitely find yourself breathing through the whole course quickly.

After you’ve done the previous course, let’s say you want to learn about Python, then you can take a look at this course called Python For Everybody Specialization. It’s a great course to teach you the basic fundamental concepts of Python. It is actually a specialization that you can take up for free. Now, if you want to learn more about Python or you just want to build more projects in Python. I think a great place to do that would be this YouTube channel called Tech With Tim, he has made some of the best tutorials on Python for free on YouTube.

His complete channel is about Python and how you can use Python to build different projects. Tim has done an excellent job at this. Just go to the playlist and you can start going through all the different concepts. And now let’s move on to the next course!

So you’ve learned about Python, now you want to go into machine learning, then this is a course that you can take a look at ‘Machine Learning Android Ng’ playlist, and this will teach you the basic concepts of machine learning, how to get started in machine learning. And this would be really good because it’s just the most popular course that people take in machine learning. So you can master the basics of machine learning from this course and once you have taken that course and you can go into computer vision and CNNs.

And for that, I think one great course is going to be the Stanford University CS 231n. The way this course is structured will help you understand all the basic concepts of how to use images, how to use data, and how to evaluate and make models out of that. So that is going to be really beneficial for beginners.

You can also take a look at this deep learning specialization on Coursera. You can get this one for free without getting the certificate. You can learn about neural networks, improving neural EEP, Neura neural networks. You can learn about structuring them. You can learn about Artificial Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Tensorflow, Recurrent Neural Network, Transformers Deep Learning and much more.

Let’s say you want to learn about web development. Then Free Code Camp is offering a free certification on web development. All you need to do is to start off with this, the responsive web design curriculum, and then you can keep moving on with the curriculum. One good part about this is that they have the videos, but in addition to that, they also have these interactive classes.

For Android Development we have a certification from Google themselves. Then you have Flutter. If you want to learn Flutter, I will recommend a particular youtube playlist called the Net Ninjas Flutter For Beginners.

Also, if you want to learn about React Native, Net Ninja also has a playlist on that.

So these were the main courses that I wanted to highlight but apart from these, there are tons of other resources and courses that you can do for free, and what is needed is a google search!