Despite the challenging market conditions, the top package offered in 2022 represents a 50% increase over the previous year’s highest package, which was worth Rs 42 lakhs. Another new standard has been set: more than 8,400 offers have been made to students of different majors who will graduate in 2022. For the year 2022, LPU has once again registered one of the largest number of placement offers and has set the record for the highest package record in the country.

Our B. Tech C.S.E students — Ajay Kumar, Pallavi, Varun Aditya DM, Robin, Anish Kumar Jha, and Karicharla GNS Swamy Naidu — should be congratulated on gaining employment with Palo Alto Networks, an American international cybersecurity corporation, on securing a handsome salary package of 34.48 lakhs.

Ajay Kumar is a computer science, web development, and software enthusiast. He works hard to help the company flourish. He is in a reputable business where he can demonstrate and develop his talents while meeting organisational goals and personal learning goals. In 2019, Pallavi participated in the Indian Science Congresses as a student volunteer. She has earned certifications in Java Intermediate (HackerRank) as well as data structures and algorithms through GFG. The FICO SPOT Award was given to Pallavi as a token of appreciation for all of her hard work in accepting the additional duty of testing a solution.

Almost a full year was spent by Varun Aditya interning at ODESSA in the software engineering department. He assisted customers with over a thousand different issues while utilising a variety of technologies and tools, including SQL Server, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Studio, and SQL Server Management Studio. Karicharla GNS Swamy Naidu regarded himself as an intelligent worker as well as a determined member of the team. He is a developer with expertise in Python and Java, as well as in machine learning, web design, and data science.

LPU’s unparalleled placement record stems from its academic quality, inexhaustible opportunities for students, and impeccable placement support. Top recruiters have given LPU students 20,000 internships or placements in recent years. Such instances show how LPU has become a leading Indian institute with prized placement records.