Pharmacy is an exciting career option for those who love Biology and Chemistry. Pharmacy once used to be thought of an alternative choice. But, today the field offers tremendous career opportunities in industry, hospitals, retail, pharmacy clinics as well as research. Here’s an insight into what career in pharmacy has to offer.

Eligibility and Qualifications

The minimum qualification to become a pharmacist is acquiring the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm). The course imparts the skills required to work in the industry, drug manufacturing organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Pursuing Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) and PhD in Pharmacy can help you further your way in the field as well as career.

Scope of Pharmacy as a Career

B Pharm graduates start their career as drug supervisor, drug inspector, drug commissioner in the pharmaceutical industry. Also, the prospects of running one’s own Pharmacy as an entrepreneur can prove rewarding.

Specializations in Pharmacy

Students can opt for specialized fields after completing their Bachelors in Pharmacy and pursue research. Following are the range of specializations in M Pharm and PhD.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a study of drugs and their development. PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry involves finding remedies for illnesses using drugs. It allows students to make life-saving contributions through their knowledge of the subject.


Pharmacognosy is an interesting branch of Pharmacy that involves studying drugs obtained from natural resources like plants. PhD in Pharmacognosy also includes the study of botany, plant cultivation and, genetics. Herbal medicine also comes under the purview of this field.


Pharmacology is the study of effects and mode of action of drugs. M Pharm in Pharmacology teaches students about principles involved in drug action.


Pharmaceutics is a discipline of Pharmacy that deals in ensuring safety of new drugs and chemicals for patients. Students interested in the same can pursue PhD Pharmaceutics or M Pharm in Pharmaceutics.

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

The course designed for the industry trains students in maintaining quality standards of medicines and drugs. M Pharm in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance is recommended for those who wish to make a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Analysis

M Pharm in Pharmaceutical Analysis teaches students about the processes involved in drug development.