Our lives had turned upside down when the nationwide lockdown was declared in March 2020 leading to the closure of all public places, industries, factories, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. Our University closed on 14th March 2020, before the announcement of lockdown allowing us to travel back home safely. What we expected to be a 15 days break has now extended to nearly 15 months and with the second wave of COVID-19, it seems very unlikely for institutions to open under such circumstances.

A lot has changed since then, normal offline classes and exams became online, CAs became assignments, and invigilating students during exams now became online proctoring. We were introduced to a new platform for online study- myclass.lpu.in which has a lot of additional features suitable for students. Along with it, we also have an app- LPU Live where we can interact with our teachers directly and they can provide us with study materials and clear our doubts. In other words, LPU has left no stone unturned to bring the classroom to our homes and give us the proper environment to study.

Amidst the online classes, numerous assignments, and other tasks which were supposed to keep us busy throughout the day doesn’t change the fact that we are missing out on what could have been the greatest and the most amazing years of our lives. Sitting at our homes and straining our back, unable to meet our friends and have fun, missing out on the beauty of our campus and long evening walks with friends, unable to attend classes in a proper classroom, and with social media being our only rescue isn’t what we dreamt of our college life to be! As we have completed over a year and nearly 2 semesters sitting at home, life has been unfair to the ones who have graduated this year and the previous year without a proper farewell, and to the ones who finished their first year without stepping into college.

As my final year is approaching, and the situation doesn’t seem to improve even now. I am almost hoping for another online semester and the scope of going to college seems to be quite distant. Still, I would say, don’t lose your hope Vertos!

We will be back on our campus soon and our University will be full of life again!