In the programming world, it’s said, “The more you code, the more proficient you become.” If the world of coding fascinates you, then Master of Computer Applications is a course that will make you an expert in it. Students with a bachelors degree (B.Sc IT/ BCA) are eligible to pursue MCA. MCA is a 3-year (6-semester) professional program that trains students in becoming more proficient in their I.T. skills. It is more advanced than BCA and focuses on applications of programming. Let’s learn more about the scope of MCA.

What You Learn in MCA

  • Computer Networking, Digital Electronics, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Data Science, Algorithm Design, Android Application Development are some of the core subjects in MCA and students will also have the opportunity to learn programming languages like Java, C, .Net, C#, PL/SQL, etc. With the I.T. Sector booming at a fast pace, the skills that you acquire during MCA are very favorable when you’re looking for a rewarding job.
  • Seeking out internships at right places, attending training and workshops, getting part-time work experience in your field are some extra activities that you can undertake during your course. All these can actually make or break your career.
  • Additionally, choose your pathway electives carefully, as this is what will decide your career path. For example, if you want to make a career in app development, you can opt for learning iPhone app development, C# or ASP.NET.

Career Opportunities After Completing MCA

  • The scope of MCA is very assuring. MCA graduates are highly sought-after by MNCs like Accenture, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, etc.
  • Various job profiles that suit MCA graduates are that of Web Developer, Design Engineer, Database Administrator, Data Analyst and Network Administrator.
  • The average salary of MCA graduates is INR 6.44 lac per annum as per
  • Teaching in professional colleges as a lecturer or assistant professor can also be satisfying for those who love to teach.
  • Equipped with mounts of technical knowledge, MCA graduates can start their own ventures that offer software solutions, app development services, system security services, etc.

Skills That Lead to Better Career Scope

Being an expert coder is not sufficient to make a satisfying and rewarding career. With rising competition, it’s best to enter the field equipped with the best of skills. Besides good technical skills, students should also acquire the following skills during their college years:

  • Communications Skills: Because, no matter how intelligent your ideas are, they won’t be appreciated in the corporate industry if you don’t present them the right way.
  • Work Ethics and Interpersonal Skills: When working in an organization, you might have to deal with clients or your own team. To function properly and professionally, it’s mandatory to imbibe good interpersonal skills in yourself.
  • Leadership: Taking charge, leadership, and team-building, these are some skills that help you climb up your career ladder faster.