Are you stuck choosing between your two passions and just can’t decide which one to prefer? Or, are you the overachiever who challenges the human limit to the possible extent? Most universities have undergraduate programmes that have options to ensure students can make most of their time and accomplish many goals. If you’re an engineering student, it doesn’t imply that you cannot pursue your dream of becoming a musician and making it on Broadway. It can all happen just by adding a bit more work to your routine.

jack of all trades

It is a very common problem faced by Arts students that they feel limited by the choices available in future for career pathways and job stability. The constant pressure from family and personal judgments can sometimes lead to adding on another field of studies. In this case, one can support their degree with another from a contrasting field of communication, medicine or science. It provides the advantage of job employment, steady base to land post-graduation and become well-rounded employees with both logistic and creative standpoints.

Jack of All Trades

The advantage of being the jack of all trades is that it also works the other way around. If you are an Arts student and have a good structure in building career creatively, gaining knowledge about technical subjects will give you a competitive edge. Meanwhile, Science students enhance their degrees by exploring the left side of their brain. A student studying Computer Science may add a minor of digital production so as to give themselves an edge with design and creativity. An employer is more likely to hire a person with two-skill sets instead of paying two individuals separately. The best way to go forward with multiple passions is that you have two ways: Dual Degree, or Integrated Degree. Each has its own perks but can take you to the next level of professionalism. Start early, plan everything and make sure that everything you’re doing is essential to the pursuit of your knowledge.