If there is something that haunts students despite the fear of not getting a job is the decision whether to pursue higher studies and enrol for MBA. Honestly, after spending a fortune in completing graduation, students first think about having a job security and thus neglect the importance of postgraduate studies. Is Master of Business Administration worth it? A big yes!

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider a postgraduate degree in MBA and why it’s worth:

Makes you a leader and not just a corporate follower

If you are a graduate, it is not impossible but very much likely that you will not get promoted for the high-level positions. Positions like the senior manager or board directors are only given to those with higher qualification and if asked, most of them call for an MBA degree. Even if you are not trying to climb up the corporate ladder, the knowledge and specialization alone can be a big boost for one’s potential.

Higher pay scale

The figures are almost twice when it comes to an MBA graduate rather than a regular university degree. The average salary of a person with MBA in India is 700K per annum which is way higher compared to people who are just graduates in Business or Commerce. You will be able to cover the investment you made for your degree and still have enough to enjoy a class life.


A person with a post-graduate degree in MBA comes along with an extensive knowledge of his/her specialized interest. They are people who can be held accountable for their actions and words as they are highly qualified to test their limits. Also, having such a degree makes you accountable in the corporate world.

Personal development

The new outlook and perspective on business world will help you improve your communication, behavior, standards and collective knowledge on all subject matters that are important to the people around you. It’s a highly growing sector with constant demand of potential MBA students.

A chance to interact with great leaders and learn

A B-school doesn’t only rely on textbooks to help their students explore the dynamics of business, but during your MBA, you will be expected to learn from personalities that will groom you with experience. You will be able to meet them, ask them about their journey and take inspiration to start off your on your own successful path.

Launch your own company/startup

A graduate degree is very often not a strong enough credential that would help you launch your own business. MBA is not just a degree, but an experience in itself that grooms students with skills and tactics fundamental in the real world. It will teach you the discipline to land on your own career and thus, it’s suggested to learn before you earn in business.

Exploring global networks and people

When you are in graduation, the people around you are there to learn and even though some might be very talented, they are amateurs in their art. Every student starting with this post-graduate degree would have become masters in their art and you no longer are the only player. You can learn from them as much as you can learn from your professors. It is thus advised, to make the most of your connections.

After graduation, the decision whether to take up a job or continue with college is never an easy job. It’s frustrating and sometimes, without proper guidance, students end up making the wrong choice. In LPU, the Mittal School of Business provides a wide range of opportunities for both undergraduates and postgraduates to carve them into professionals, ready to face the challenges head-on.