The student organization, Coding Ninjas LPU came up with their first-ever talk show with Ashutosh Pratap Singh (@technical_sapien). He is the founder of Technical Sepian, also a technical expert, content creator, and social media influencer.

The live session started with Ashutosh explaining his experience during lockdown that the lockdown came to him as an opportunity when he flourished in many ways. When lockdown started, he was in his first year of college and started making content on Instagram starting from graphic designing and researching. He also shares knowledge of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, finance, blockchain, and many more. After going through videos, he developed an interest in programming. Being from the electrical department, he had less idea about it, so his friend from Computer science introduced him to “Kali Linux” which fascinated him a lot. He decided that he will learn ethical hacking, C programming, web development, and IOTs.

An encouraging session with Ashutosh Pratap Singh

Through his continued efforts and insightful content, he made a large community of productive young people where everyone shares information. He became financially independent during his college days. He also emphasized that college students are always willing to earn some bucks and even a small earning delights them, so he came up with courses and tips for benefitting the students. So, earning money motivated him to do more. His curiosity led him to form this large community and come a long way. Soon after learning these, he wanted to share these with everyone so that everyone can be aware of them and learn about them. Appreciation and feedback from his audience motivated him to spread more awareness on this.

He did various experiments in college. He followed a very hectic schedule but he never felt exhausted from it and always tried to learn and try out new things. He explores every domain and is into different fields. He also advised his viewers to explore everything and find one domain that suits them best. Make yourself skilled, and collect all the knowledge. Having a basic knowledge of every field can help you so that no one can make you a fool or scam you. Never start anything with any presumptions.

At the start, he faced a few difficulties like his parents didn’t have much idea about Instagram and there was no one to guide him. Despite all these setbacks, he didn’t feel disheartened but put in more effort. So, he decided to figure out things on his own, he made mistakes, learned from them, and remember never to repeat them. He also added that there is no smart work without hard work. Initially, you have to work hard and find which way works for you. For your mental health, doing meditation is the best way to relax your mind. One should read good books and try to be consistent. This is the time when we can grow. 

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