* Students’ specialized in painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and applied art showed their captivating talent

The department of fine arts at LPU hosted the Annual Art Exhibition “Kala Sangam”, an international conference on contemporary trends in fine arts, “Brushstrokes of Innovation”. It was a gathering of luminaries from across the globe, dedicated to exploring cutting-edge developments in the world of art.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Pro-Chancellor Col. Rashmi Mittal. Key note speaker Shri Krishana Shetty, an artist, art critic, and the present trustee of Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, and session chair included Dr. Nandlal Thakur, Vice Chairman of LKA, Delhi, Dr. Gomathi Gowda, Principal of the College of Fine Arts, Karnataka and invited speaker Dr. Pothala Praveen, the President of STEMIO Stem, Singapore, also graced the occasion.

Mrs. Rashmi Mittal, appreciated the efforts of the students and encouraged them to explore more. She mentioned that the exhibition featured more than 500 works related to painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and applied art, showcasing the captivating talent of the students. The works were praised for their aesthetics and novelty, reflecting the transformative journey of the budding artists.

Shri Krishana Shetty, addressed the challenges and valuable knowledge and technology offered in the artistic world. His profound insights, gathered from his vast experience, have enriched our understanding and appreciation of the arts.

Dr. Nandlal Thakur shared his insights on the importance of preserving traditional art forms, emphasizing that nothing can replace the traditional way of making art. His leadership and guidance have ensured the smooth conduct of the sessions, fostering engaging discussions and fruitful exchanges of ideas.

Dr. Pothala Praveen, the President of STEMIO Stem, Singapore provided valuable perspectives on the education system and research in the field of arts. His presence has truly elevated the discourse at this conference. The event also featured research paper presentations by researchers and staff members from different universities, further enriching the academic discourse.