Indian Government sponsors a public service program called, National Social Service (NSS) with the goal to work for society and to instill the sense of social welfare among India’s youth. Lovely Professional University has established NSS at university-level. LPU-NSS  has more than1000 active members who are from different disciplines. They work together for community health care, literacy drives, and environmental protection. It regularly organizes blood donation camps, adopts villages, holds cleanliness and literacy drives and, spreads awareness about environmental protection. The aim of LPU-NSS is to produce individuals who are socially responsible and work for the welfare of the nation.

LPU-NSS is just not a department, it is the biggest joint family of Lovely Professional University. Here is where you will meet people of different kinds, and work together for one single goal i.e “Service for Society”. LPU-NSS Volunteers are always at the forefront for the social & noble cause.

Benefits of being an NSS Volunteer

  • NSS is a national organization with thousands of young volunteers spread across the nation. It firmly believes in and preaches, “Not Me, But You”.
  • It teaches its young volunteers about the realities and the circumstances that people in the society have to face due to lack of facilities. It teaches you the spirit of giving and helping others in its true essence.
  • As an NSS volunteer, you will understand the importance of teamwork, and how team support helps to accomplish tasks together that would have been impossible for an individual.
  • Participating in so many social activities, discussing social issues and finding solutions for them will give a boost to your confidence and will help you overcome the fear of speaking your voice in public.
  • You will get the chance to make friends who are completely different from you.
  • With the experience of being an NSS volunteer, any organization will think twice before rejecting your job application.

If you want to be a member of LPU-NSS too, you can apply on the UMS.


Registration Link:

UMS Navigation >> Student Welfare >> Community Service Registration

The last date to apply is 15th August 2018.

Note: Final Year Students are not eligible for NSS Voluntership