We all want to be memorialized, come hell or high water, to ascertain a piece of us never fades away. To make it into Guinness World Records, folks devilishly went to extremes! That includes monstrosities from folks trying to build a Brobdingnagian working rifle to stacking 34 of those flavorsome crisps all at once in the mouth(Pringles). For all that, merely a soupçon of us ever achieve the legendary status of Athanasia.

Kindred goes the tale of Lovely Professional University, which has snapped not just one but two Guinness World Records! Back in 2018, when an Indian-origin engineer bagged an Oscar, Lovely Professional University shook the Indian subcontinent when Gurcharan Mall aka, Dhol King (UK), along with 4,411 Vertos, orchestrated the largest Bhangra dance marking Lovely Professional University’s first entry to the Guinness World Records!

And this year, on the 13th of September 2021, as the world started to recover from the wrath of the coronavirus, Lovely Professional University, in an effort to make an entrée exalted than before, mobilized 5,318+ Vertos reciting the same sentence“I am thankful to LPU for making us a part of it’s largest placement network. I am proud to be Verto.” And ended up in the Guinness World Record for creating the largest online video album of people saying the same sentence. Perfectly splendid! And it’s a Herculean moment for every Verto who wholeheartedly played their part towards accomplishing such an epoch-making title.

But records are meant to be broken, and anytime we lay the foundations to something that’s fathomable, it’s the genesis of new competition. Winning is relatively binary, the most, the highest, the fastest, the longest, or the shortest the appeal of the Guinness World Records doesn’t lie on just figures and stats. There’s more to it! It’s the enigmatic number of ways that facilitate a person or an institution to become them. Howbeit, at Lovely Professional University, we have a saying “think big,” so followed by the frolics, who knows which record is about to come!