Lovely Professional University hosted one of the most awaited events organized by SAEINDIA (Society of Automotive Engineers) in Northern India: Effi-Cycle 2019 Season-10. The past 5 days (1 Oct – 5 Oct), were hectic as well as excited for the participants. This year a total of 64 teams from across the country participated in the event.


What is so special in this SEASON -10?

Season 10, aimed to introduce new user-friendly features in the vehicle called “ADVANCE EFFICYCLE”.

For eg. Introduction of Electronic features such as speedometer/rpm indicator, battery level indicator, usage of more safety features such as brake lights, turn indicators, etc.

Can use GPS, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Smart Technology developments.

Conventional Efficycle + Advance Efficycle = Season 10

Let’s Understand what this event is about?

Efficycle (derived from Efficient cycle) event is a platform to encourage students to participate in the technical competition. Students participate in the competition in the form of a team (Max. 20 members) registered by the Institute.


In simpler words, Each Team designs a 3-wheel configuration vehicle powered by human cum electric and having a seating capacity of 2 passengers. A vehicle should be safe and ergonomic. Technically it is being designed by taking consideration of RULEBOOK. The rulebook is a manual that defines the Layout, Vehicle dimension, weight, materials, transmission system of the vehicle, etc.


How teams design their Vehicles? 

It involves various steps:

  1. Team formation
    Once the team formed successfully. Departments are allotted to each member in order to reduce the workload.
    Various Departments are Steering, Transmission, Design, Braking, Innovation, etc.
  2. Designing of a Virtual prototype (CAD model) of the vehicle with the help of software.
    CAD Model (Computer-Aided Design) is designed on the computers with the help of various software before starting the actual manufacturing of the vehicle.
    The major software used are Solidworks, Creo, CATIA, etc.
  3. Analysis of the vehicle
    Analysis of the frame and each component is being checked (by applying load virtually) with the help of certain software (eg. Ansys) to ensure its strength, durability, stiffness. Collision Analysis can also be done with this software to check various parameters like mass transfer and momentum.
  1. Report/Calculations
    Once the design gets ready, Various calculations are required for the manufacturing of the vehicle.
    Major Calculations are being done to find: Torque, number of teeth on each gear, caster angle, Maximum velocity of the vehicle, etc.
  2. Manufacturing of the vehicle
    After this, the actual manufacturing of the vehicle started, taking cognizance of the Rulebook with proper Aerodynamics and ergonomics.
    Or this is the actual manufacturing of the Vehicle for the competition.
  3. Manufacturing Done.Effi-cycle 
  4. Event Competition.Competitions are further divided into Static and Dynamic Events.
    • Static Round includes Design Inspection of the vehicle (CAD, CAE simulation), Report/Calculations Presentation, Business Plan Presentation, Cost Report Presentation, etc.
    • Dynamic Round: It is the heart and the most exciting part of the Competition. Various dynamic rounds are Drive Excellence, Mass- Pull, Acceleration, and the final Endurance aka RACE where all the vehicles try to score a maximum number of laps in a given time.

Various Awards in Effi-Cycle
CAE award, B-plan, Cost award, design Award, Durability Award, Marketing award, etc. in each category with a huge amount of cash prize varying from Rs 10k to Rs 80k.


Total Teams= 64

  • ‘ TEAM ILLUMINATI RACERS ’ of Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar lifted the trophy of “Overall Winner Efficycle 2019 Conventional” with a cash prize of Rs 80,000.
  • First Runner Up Award – VELOCIRACERS, College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra awarded with Rs 70,000.
  • Second Runner Up Award – EFFIROADERS 7.0, Chameli Devi group of institutions, Indore awarded with Rs, 60,000.


TEAM ILLUMINATI RACERS, of Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar Won 4 Awards in categories: Overall Winner Efficycle, Best Vehicle Appearance Award, Durability Award, and Innovation Award.

Hard work pays off.
Well done Team.