Read the title? You must have been reading such articles on partnerships of LPU with different foreign universities and establishing fine international tie-ups along with it, the students counting on this opportunity to make their careers worth it. Nothing new, right? Similarly, this is another such article, an appreciation post to be precise on the achievement of LPU and its students on a global standard. LPU has aided the students towards possibilities of a potential future outside the country and to establish themselves as capable candidates to compete with the international students and face new challenges.

The semester exchange program of LPU has enabled hundreds of students to fulfill their dreams of getting an international degree in the midst of a competitive environment. It allows the students taking admission in LPU to complete the first two years of their education in the university itself and the next one or two years in a reputed foreign university holding a tie-up with LPU. This program has dual benefits. First, you get exposure to study in a good international university and second, you’ll get a rewarding experience to pursue top-class education in premium universities of two different countries, i.e. a degree from two universities! Isn’t that exciting?

Prakhar Gupta, an LPU BBA student got an amazing opportunity to study at the Lithuania Business University of Applied Science with 100% scholarship through the Semester-Exchange program. Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences residing in Klaipeda and Vilnius, Lithuania is an independent education institution established in 1994 providing fantastic opportunities for the students, both national and international. They own a scientific journal named “Management” which is published with a gap of two years on platforms like EBSCO, Index Copernicus, and CEEOL. It provides four different programs in Bachelor’s degree that are Business Management, Computer Science and IT (Information Technology), Tourism and Hospitality (Hotel Management) and Transport, and Logistics (Logistics Management).

LPU has always worked towards the betterment of students and provides unique opportunities to the students to flourish in their future and achieve all their ambitions and goals in life. LPU with its flabbergasting international opportunities has helped students to dream big and turn those dreams into reality for the success they deserve in their lives and make all the arrangements for traveling including visas and passports ensuring the safety of its students. they make sure even if we are out of our country in a foreign land, with foreign people and in an unknown environment, we feel at home!