Human Resource Development CenterLovely Professional University organized a Life-Changing Workshop. We all are aware that as human beings we are capable of performing amazing physical feats. The human body uses the food we eat to provide sufficient energy in order to perform all types of work. Basically, energy means the capacity to do work. Channelizing this energy enhances our capacity. This workshop is aimed to enhance your performance and productivity coefficient, to reduce mental stress and increase concentration/memory power.

Psycho Neurobics is a set of exercises of transferring Spiritual Energy in neuro cells by connecting Psyche (Mind) to the supreme source of Spiritual Energy. It is the best methodology to guide your mind in order to utilize mind power for creative work, to heal your body and to keep body and mind healthy. A trident approach with muscular-respiratory actions, sound vibrations and visualization of different colours of light makes Neurobics highly effective to ensure a cure from various diseases.

In this workshop, participants are given practical training build on scientific tools and models.
After this workshop, the participants will be able to:
 Understand & Practice of Enlightening & Blissful, Powerful & Joyful Psycho-Neurobics techniques
 Effectively use both aspects of the brain-the creative and logical
 Handle stressful situations proactively

 A mix of pedagogical tools are used i.e. Demonstrations and
experiential exercises.
 Hands on experience on scientific models and instruments.

Resource person

Dr Mahesh Dogra is a PhD in Vedic Science & Psycho-Neurobics from YOGA SAMSKRUTHAM
UNIVERSITY- FLORIDA, USA and an MBA in Self-Management & Crisis Management from Tamil Nadu Sports University & in Psycho Neurobics. With more than 30 years of experience in various industries, his area of expertise lies in Corporate Training in soft skills, Goal Setting and Drug de-addiction. He has to his credit a study on Drug De-addiction on Jail inmates of Open Air Jail Dharamshala (H.P) published in JOURNAL OF ADVANCES AND SCHOLARLY RESEARCHES IN ALLIED EDUCATION. He is currently
running a Divine Wellness Center.

Participation certificates by SIGFA-NITI AYOG are awarded subject to meeting participation criteria i.e. 100% attendance and Post training Evaluation.