Diploma courses after 10th are becoming increasingly popular because of their practical nature and short duration. They’re industry-focused and curated for students seeking to enter the professional world. Also, these courses develop basic professional acumen in the students that help them excel. There are various diploma courses available that students can pick depending on their interest.  After pursuing a diploma, students can also opt for bachelors in the related field. Here is a list of best diploma courses after 10th

Diploma in Engineering

Diploma in Engineering is of 3 years duration and provides students with the basic knowledge of their field. Diploma courses in engineering teach students about practical aspects of the subjects. Strong foundation in the basics makes entry to engineering studies as well jobs easier. Students can opt for various diploma courses in engineering like Automobile Engineering (AE), Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and, Mechanical Engineering (ME),

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology involves training of students in diagnosing and preventing diseases in patients through clinical laboratory tests. There is a huge demand for skilled professionals who know how to perform various tests on the human body like X-rays, CT-Scan, Sonography, etc. To become a skilled professional in the field, students can pursue Diploma in Medical Lab. Technology (DMLT) from a reputed institute.

Diploma in Architecture

Students can start off their career in Architecture with a Diploma in Architectural Assistantship. You will learn about basic and practical skills related to architecture. After Diploma in Architectural Assistantship, students can further enhance their skills by pursuing B.Arch and M.Arch or also opt for jobs in building design, architectural assistant, on-site jobs, etc.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Students who want to make a career in Hotel Management can pursue Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary or Diploma in Food Production.

Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary is a 1 year course that provides special training in bakery and confectionary. Students will learn about basic and advance baking as well about food and nutrition.

Diploma in Food Production is a 1 year course that teaches students about culinary arts. Students will undergo training in basic food production laboratory and learn about basics of Indian Cooking.

Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma in Fashion Design is a 3-year course. The course introduces students to the world of Fashion Design and trains them in the basics like pattern making and garment construction. With an emphasis on industry-oriented curriculum, Diploma in Fashion Design trains students how to perform in a practical environment and produce desired results.

Diploma in Business

The 3-year course involves learning basics of management skills which are required at a function level. Students will learn about business ethics, Human Resource Management, Functional Management, E-Commerce, Economy and Entrepreneurship. Those who have an business acumen should go for Diploma in Business Administration to enhance their skills.