The college years are the perfect time for you to travel and explore new boundaries. As you’re oozing with youthful enthusiasm, you can definitely find something new about yourself which can change your times ahead. Traveling to new places, experiencing new things, and meeting strangers can shape you as a person. What better it could be as being a student of LPU you’ve got different sets of travel destinations at your doorstep, calling you to embrace it and make it your next stop.

So, here I’m suggesting you all a variety of travel destinations at few hours reach from Lovely Professional University which will benefit you after the stressful exams, CA’s and a whole lot of submissions. Most of these destinations are offbeat and lesser known so that you can get a better chance to experience the beauty and catch the best deals too.

  1. KARSOG VALLEY – Hidden Gem In The Himalayas

This pristine place in Himachal Pradesh is full of ancient temples which trace its roots from the times of Mahabharata and you can explore the untouched emerald green farms in form of terraces, mighty peaks of Himalayas, and organic apple orchards. This idyllic village will take you away from the buzzing of social media notifications.

Travel 1


  1. JIBHI – Place Out Of A Fairytale Story

What makes this Himalayan hamlet worth your time are its dense pine forests, tranquil freshwater lakes, and pristine temples. This pastoral hamlet of Himachal’s Banjar Valley will leave you spellbound with its old-world charms. Settled on the banks of the gurgling Tirthan river, it’s architecture speaks for itself as it is constructed in an ancient Himalayan way using stone and wood.

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  1. MUNSIYARI – A True Paradise For Trekkers

Located on the offbeat trails of Uttarakhand and perched at the height of 2200m, Munsiyari is enchanting and mesmerizing in every possible manner. This little hill town is settled in the foothills of Panchachuli Peaks and the magical sunrise from behind the snow-clad Himalayan Peaks will surely take your breathes away. This postcard-perfect destination is among the favorites of numerous seasoned trekkers and adventure enthusiasts as many of the nerve-wracking trekking excursions in Greater Himalayas commence here.

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  1. PEORA – Where Time Stands Still

Blessed with nature’s rustic charm, verdant forest, and virgin Himalayan Peaks, Peora is truly a best-kept secret just 23kms away from Almora in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon Hills. You can walk on the countless secluded zig-zag trails, breathing in the fresh mountain air while going past the fruit-laden orchards abounding the region. Enjoy a serene and tranquil time in the lap of rolling hills and fragrant sky-touching pines, witnessing the glimpses of a mystical sunset in pure mountain bliss.

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  1. WARWAN VALLEY – At The Crossroads Of Kashmir And Ladakh

Named after the magical Warwan river, this gem of a place is located in between the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Covered with the 360-degree view of breathtaking vistas, it is at an elevation of 7000 feet in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is famous for its sky full of stars, moonlit nights and soothing sounds of the flowing streams. If you are lucky then you can catch a glimpse of the milky way.

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Traveling is a life-changing experience and you get to learn a lot of things along the way. You will see new vistas unfolding before your eyes, get new realizations and will make friends that will be more real than social media ones. You will start feeling new energy within yourself and will come back as a changed person. So don’t just plan, go for it. You will never have so much time again!