For those of you in the field of IT must have understood this pun easily. For the rest of the curious lot, here’s the explanation – 0011 is the binary code for the digit “3”. This article is about the huge field of options that lies open ahead of Information Technology professionals.

The world has shrunk into your computer screen, thanks to IT! From buying groceries online to taking online classes on the most complex topics, our world exists in our mobile phones and laptops. Within a minute, 2 million searches are performed on Google, and 72 minutes of video is uploaded to youtube. You can read more about what else happens on the internet within a minute here. The point is, our lives are called “lives” due to the courtesy of the internet. The world owes a lot to IT professionals. And there are more of them in the making.

So let’s utilise this opportunity to talk about surplus opportunities that await them after completing B.Tech in CSE, B.Tech in IT or B.Tech in Electronics and Computer Engineering.

Data Modeler:

Do you know how much data is held by the internet? Internet giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook together hold a data of about 1.2 million Terabytes! Thankfully, unlike population, we don’t have to take measures to curb the growth of data. Then, how does such mammoth data get managed? That’s when our Data Modelers come in. Businesses, big or small face difficulties managing their website data and Data Modelers act as the backbone of their websites by managing their data.
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Cloud Architect:

Cloud Architects are one of the highest paid professionals in this field. Their job entails strategising a company’s data storage on the cloud. The most sought-after skills in cloud architects include experience and knowledge of programming languages like Java, Node.js, PHP and Python. It will give you a competitive edge to gain some understanding of leading cloud platforms.
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Software Engineer:

If you enjoy working in a team towards a common objective and are detail oriented, the role of Software Engineer would suit the best. Additionally, a strong hold on programming languages like C++, C# is mandatory.

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Mobile App Developer:

Smartphones are highly portable devices and are preferred choice when one has to do something as simple as online shopping. More than 50% of traffic received by websites is through mobile devices. That’s when mobile apps come in handier than websites. Android App Developers/Mobile App developers are sure to be one of the most sought-after employees. Besides technical skills, analytical thinking and understanding user’s needs can act as tie-breaker between you and your competitor.
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Web Developer:

Talking of websites, with consumerism at its peak, the businesses strive their best to make their websites consumer friendly and their products easy to understand and view. Every business needs a user-friendly website and who makes those eye catchy and sumptuous websites? Web Developers. Some basic skills requisite in web developers are strong hold on HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Web User Interface Design and JavaScript.
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There are a lot more opportunities that await skilled professionals. As enticing as they might sound, do not let these career fields limit you. You have the calibre to go much beyond the cliche.