Photography is a form of art, a simple way of documenting reality, telling a specific story, giving a certain message, and an ideal medium for creative expression. I’m intrigued by how a photograph displays a vast array of emotions and exploits the vulnerabilities of an individual. It’s often said that one needs an artistic eye to understand art and the message hidden behind it. But anyone or everyone can be trained to have an artistic eye. When we see photographs, we just look at them without even trying to absorb their real significance. Photographers have their way of expressing themselves through the lens of a camera, we just have to discover it.

Meanwhile, with the rapid growth of the advertising and media sectors, employment opportunities in photography are witnessing a tremendous boost. 

So, what is freelance photography?

A freelance photographer works at their own discretion by taking projects according to the requirements of the clients and charging them accordingly. As a freelance photographer, you get to choose the project which aligns with your style and values. It’s an excellent pathway to transition your passion into a profession. You can collaborate with other artists and form a marvelous piece of art. That will not only enhance your network but provide you with great exposure.

Skills required:

  • Eye for details
  • Artistic Approach
  • Technical skills
  • Observational skills
  • Knowledge of photography
  • Develop a personal style
  • Know your stories

Top 5 careers in Photography

Commercial Photographers

It includes a variety of photography niches like interior photography, jewelry photography, general product photography, etc. It involves capturing high-quality images of a particular product in a way that highlights the product’s best feature and allures the viewer to buy one. 


Photojournalism is a field which quite popular and many photography students aspire to enter. A photojournalist is a person who clicks images, edits them, and displays them in a manner to tell a visual story. They are skilled at recording the event and showcasing it through the means of photographs. They have an inquisitive way of looking at events. If you are looking for a career that requires photography skills and displays your interest in current events then consider it. 

Scientific Photographers

Scientific Photographers provide photographs for scientific brochures, research, clinical documentation, exhibits, or publication in papers, where you will be capturing the photographs of scientific and medical data or phenomena by using specified types of equipment. It requires a high level of technical skills.  

Aerial Photographers

Aerial Photographers take aerial pictures of places, buildings, landscapes, vegetation, meteorology, and terrains during natural calamities. Also, an aerial vehicle known as a drone is also used for the aerial representation of different shots by photographers that can be used for news, business, industrial, scientific or military purposes. 

Fashion Photographers

A fashion photographer is someone who has a keen eye for different styles of clothing. They tend to work closely with cloth designers and stylists to ensure to portray the desired image for the brand. They are highly competitive and often work with advertising campaigns, catalogs, and fashion magazines. They beautifully understand fashion, style, and fabric, and generate unique concepts for photoshoots. 

As a freelance photographer, there are multiple astonishing career opportunities you can choose and frame your future. Use multiple platforms to build your portfolio, and networks for projects and make yourself visible.