B.Tech ECE Vertos placed at Silicon Labs

B.Tech ECE Vertos placed at Silicon Labs


Lovely Professional University (LPU) has a long and illustrious history of giving its students excellent opportunities to work for some of the most prestigious corporations, MNCs, and organisations on the globe. This has helped the university earn a stellar reputation. LPU has always been a step ahead in making sure that its students are completely capable of finding placements that pay a high salary and provide them with a wonderful start to their careers. This has been the primary objective of the university for many years, and they have been successful in every attempt.

Studying at LPU, with its professionally organised course structure, abundant extracurricular opportunities, and high level of academic rigour, can, as demonstrated by a large number of concrete examples, propel a student toward the accomplishment of more lofty goals and aims. Lovely Professional University’s Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Communicational Engineering (B. Tech. ECE) students Siddharth, Abhay Chhetri, and Ranga Mani Kumar have begun their professional journeys with Silicon Labs, a global technology company based in the United States.

Silicon Labs is a multinational technology firm that creates and manufactures semiconductors as well as other silicon-based devices. It was established in 1996, and its headquarters may currently be found in Austin, Texas, in the United States. The microcontrollers (MCUs), wireless systems on chips (SoCs), and modules are the company’s primary areas of concentration. In August 2019, an article said that Silicon Labs had filed for or applied for more than 1,770 patents around the world.

Siddharth Rana is a highly competitive programmer who is also passionate about machine learning. He is a programmer who has a strong interest in both technology and personal development. On Leetcode, he has successfully finished more than 700 problems. Ranga Mani Kumar is an Arth learner who has a Redhat certification. He is excited about acquiring new technical abilities and programming with Python, as well as learning about major technologies such as ML/DL, AWS, Hadoop, Ansible, Docker, and a great deal more, and integrating all of these technologies. Abhay Chhetri is one of those people who is extremely enthusiastic about technology as well as innovation, and he enjoys learning about brand-new technologies. Whether it’s an embedded system, machine learning, IoT, or anything else, he finds that learning about the new directions that technology is moving to make things run more smoothly and see development and success is his absolute favourite thing.