First impressions are a crucial part of every interview process. We tend to create an image of the person we are meeting for the first time. It applies to the case of the interviewers too. A positive first impression in the interview makes the path to acing an interview smoother. However, the art of making a stunning first impression is less discussed.

In this article, we will go through five points that will help us to deliver a positively striking first impression whenever we are going for an interview.

Arriving early in an interview has its perks

Try to arrive at the interview location before the scheduled time. To arrive early, you should get out of your house well in advance to dodge unprecedented time loss on the streets. If your turn comes earlier, the interviewers know you value time and avoid the last-minute rush. In case of an online interview, be sure to complete the login formalities well in advance of the scheduled time so that whenever the interviewer is available on and after that time, she doesn’t need to wait for you.

Never forget your formals

The Art Of Making A Catchy First Impression In An Interview

It doesn’t matter whether you are attending an online or an offline interview, formal dress code should be your best friend. Being in formals shows your professionalism and commitment to your profession and is something that the interviewers would love. Formals, in one way or the other, help tremendously in creating a memorable first impression, thus making your path to grabbing the job offer slightly smoother.

Greet the interviewers as soon as you see them

The Art Of Making A Catchy First Impression In An Interview

Greeting the interviewers is something that candidates often forget due to nervousness and stress. Stay calm and composed, and have small talk with them. The interviewers will initiate a conversation with you to ease you out. Be a part of the conversation and not just answer what they ask. Make the conversation last for at least a few minutes. It has two-fold benefits. First, you positively get out of the tension and nervousness. Second, the interviewers will already be familiar with your personality, and you will have your required mark on their minds.

Carry positive and energetic body language

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Whenever you are sitting in an interview, never forget that you have a sweet smile. Use this blessing to your advantage. Be confident, sit straight and maintain eye contact with the interviewers. We tend to remember the self-confident people we meet. The same is the case for the interviewers too. Maintain a polite attitude and use a calm yet appropriately loud tone to express yourself, but take care not to shout in front of them.

A sweet thank you and goodbye at the end

We, as candidates, would want the interviews to end on a positive note. When the interview is over, thank the interviewers for their time. Express your gratitude for being able to give the interview, and tell them it was nice meeting with them. In the end, bid goodbye to each one and leave the interview with a broad grin on your face. After reaching home, a follow-up mail to the company or the interviewers would be icing on the cake and make you a memorable candidate in their minds.