The student organization, Sanguine, came up with an interesting talk show with an amazing personality, Heena Joshi. She is the author of 4 books. She is also the founder of Writernaama, an eloquent TEDx speaker, certified storytelling coach, and creative writing coach. She has also been felicitated for the “Best Author 2020” for her poetry section, “I in life”.

The book that motivated her to become an author was Chetan Bhagat’s “3 mistakes of my life”. “To kill a mockingbird” by Harper Lee also gave her immense inspiration to keep coming up with such stories. Her writing career started 10 years ago, she started as a creative writer in prestigious newspapers like Hindustan Times and The Times of India. She believes that self-pity is your biggest enemy. This quote reminds her to stay positive and work consistently to overcome any hardships.

Inspirational Live Session with Heena Joshi

If you want to choose something as your profession, you need to take serious steps towards it. She advised the youngsters who want to pursue being a writer to always believe in your writing style and be confident about it. She also added, “Everything has been said before but it hasn’t been said by you. The way you say it will make a difference”. If you can paint a creative picture in your reader’s mind through your words, then nothing else is needed. Heavy vocabulary is not essential, but connecting with your readers is. She has also launched her creative writing academy, “Writernaama” where she prepares various courses like book marketing. We need to introspect, she also added that when you cannot look within yourself, you cannot look at the world with a better view.

She advised the viewers that if you experience any failure, you should consider that as a next step or an inch closer to success. The biggest problem with the publishing industry and in some cases, a blessing as well is self-publishing. When choosing a publisher, one should always go through their previous work beforehand. She also did a podcast on ‘Topicless Tapri’. She asserted that college is like a playground where you can try out every swing and ride before making a final decision on which one you like the best. It is essential to explore. The final message she gave to the budding writers was, “There are two kinds of writer, first, those who think about writing and those who write about thinking. So you can decide which one you want to be and that will make a difference.” To all the viewers, she addressed that there are three P’s that matter, patience, perseverance, and passion.

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