With the most awaited reopening of colleges and learning institutes, post the Covid-19 restrictions, the responsibility towards one’s health should be the top priority of every student. Besides following the safety instructions and college protocols, students should maintain their hygiene on a personal level and keep a regular check on their mental and physical spirit. With multiple in-person interactions, within as well as outside the university perimeter, students should strictly follow the health safety guidelines issued by the Government. Here are some ‘must-have’ items in the college backpack of every student:

  • Sanitisers
Top Essentials for College Backpack

Hand gels or spray, either way, sanitisers have become a vital part of our lifestyle post the outbreak of the pandemic. Make sure to always carry a mini bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitiser or a surface disinfecting spray with you. Despite the double dose of the vaccine, students shouldn’t discontinue the beneficial practice of self-defence against germs. Sanitise your hands before taking meals, after attending practical classes or any sports activity.

  • Extra masks
Top Essentials for College Backpack

An additional set of clean masks should always remain by your side. Day-scholars who are exposed to areas outside the college campus for travelling purposes, should always carry disposable masks and change them frequently. Nano filter or N95 masks are highly advised for a comfortable experience. However, for practical classes and workshops, students should work with Face Shields.

  • Disinfectant Wipes
Top Essentials for College Backpack

We can not use our regular hand sanitisers for the disinfection of gym equipment and workshop tools, as their handles are prone to multiple users every hour. That’s where those disinfectant wipes come in handy. One can even use it before pressing the lift buttons or wiping off the public toilet seats.

  • Vitamin C Tablets
Top Essentials for College Backpack

The doctor’s favourite and the most recommended chewable tablet for youngsters, Vitamin C. Keeps a check on your immunity. There are still chances of getting the common cold and minor body pain due to the effect of weather change, thus, students must not get worried in such circumstances. A regular intake of Vitamin C tablets will maintain your good health.

Besides, the above mentioned essential items in a college backpack, students should consciously look after their cleanliness and have self-awareness of their mental and physical state. It is always a good option to periodically visit your university hospital.