With the advancement of digitalization, the world is thriving towards a virtually led world. Many shocking truths and rumors are clouding the present with increasing uncertainty with the recent exposures in the domain of digital spying and privacy. When the name of the world’s most powerful spyware, Pegasus, is associated, the topic deserves a detailed study, and this article intends to deliver what you need to know about the Pegasus.

An Introduction to Pegasus

Israel’s intelligence and spy services have always been a newsmaker, even in the past, gaining a lot of attention. Pegasus is considered the most powerful spyware, developed by the NSO Group, a renowned Israel-based software concern.

Is Online Privacy A Myth: Pegasus

Recently, Pegasus has been accused of spying on hundreds of politicians, activists, media personnel and journalists, and other celebrities at a global level. Pegasus is believed to constantly keep the target’s cell phone under surveillance, which includes nearly 300 Indian ministers, political leaders, activists, writers, and journalists. This leaves us to take a more detailed look at the Pegasus and answer more questions associated with it.

Is Pegasus Dangerous?

Spyware is software inserted into a smartphone or any computer device to compile all the data inside and transfer it to a third party without the owner’s knowledge. Now Pegasus is believed to be the strongest spyware made to date by the NSO Group, which has its name in the industry.

Many national governments are clients of the NSO Group, which has obtained the services of Pegasus for surveillance purposes, primarily targeting the activities associated with terrorism and so forth. NSO Group only deals with governments and other parallel bodies and trades the software for nearly 70 Lakhs, infiltrating a single device.

Is Online Privacy A Myth: Pegasus

This untraceable spyware adopts different methods to find its way to an intelligent device and starts compiling the data by identifying the invisible weak zones of the devices. For example, five years ago, Pegasus spyware targeted the devices by sending a text message or even a mail with a link, providing malware access to the device when someone clicks on it. With the passage of time, an updated version of Pegasus didn’t even require an accidental click on the link by the user but was capable of accessing the device with a mere WhatsApp call. Even the call history can be erased remotely by the spyware, making its presence untraceable.

The Pegasus Scandal of 2021

So as an answer to what the Pegasus malware steals from the devices, it can collect anything and everything, right from the device’s information to control the device’s functions. THE IMAGINATIONS ARE BEYOND POSSIBILITIES.

Is Online Privacy A Myth: Pegasus

The Pegasus Scandal of 2021 is currently ruling the media networks of India. An investigation ran by a team of journalists worldwide has revealed the shocking truths associated with the misuse of spyware. The allegations are against the governments, which used the spyware to target the devices used by political leaders, media personnel, social activists, etc., which were supposed to target terrorism and associated activities. India is also a part of the reports submitted by the team of journalists.

Is Online Privacy A Myth: Pegasus

As per the report, the Indian government, between the years of 2017-2019, has used the services of Pegasus to keep more than 300 devices owned by political party leaders, social activists, journalists under surveillance. If proven, it can be viewed as nothing less than a cybercrime committed by one of the superior bodies of the country. With more investigations and truths coming out, the Pegasus scandal will hopefully run its course soon.