While the netizens turn Olympic gold medalist Mr. Neeraj Chopra and the entire Indian Olympic contingent to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 into an overnight sensation! In the concrete, it’s a self-evident fact that Vertos like Mr. Neeraj Chopra (Olympic gold medalist), Mr. Bajrang Punia (Olympic bronze medalist), the Indian Hockey Team with seven Vertos (Olympic bronze medalist), and the entire Olympic team are perceived as the beau idéal of athletes in India. However, the back-end workers are no less than hidden knights on white chargers!

Similar goes the tale of Lovely Professional University’s Verto Mr. Ishan. Pupil of the Lovely Professional University’s School of Physiotherapy, he played the indispensable role of Olympian Mr. Neeraj Chopra’s physiotherapist at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. His role was to look after the super athlete, treat & soothe ailments, assist in rehabilitation, and extend moral support to the super athlete.

It’s every physiotherapist’s dream to be a part of an honored event like the Olympics. This year at Tokyo Olympics 2020, physiotherapists formed the largest pool of healthcare professionals (close to 800) on duty. This year a cardinal issue for the Olympic physio staff was to offer compassionate practice to athletes in a COVID-19 setting. The team continually reassessed healthcare practices to assure the security of the competitors and took extra measures to safeguard the Olympians and personnel. The physiotherapy team supplied ice packs and assisted with cooling techniques, extensively utilized by numerous athletes, to beat the hot and humid climate.

Mr. Ishan provided brilliant physical therapy to the super athlete during the Tokyo Olympics. It’s because of the excellent performance of Vertos like Mr. Ishan, being so good with their jobs in these unprecedented times on an international arena like the Olympics that Lovely Professional University can be proud of.

Lovely Professional University has the reason to be proud of its prodigious students whose achievements have bought our country laurels. Lovely Professional University wishes Mr. Ishan luck in his future endeavors.