Tyagi works for TCIL’s corporate ethical hacking module where he is a penetration tester who audits client websites for vulnerabilities.

A brilliant alumnus of Lovely Professional University, Rahul Tyagi, has been selected as Brand Ambassador of a well-reputed IT Company TCIL, Chandigarh. TCIL-IT is an ISO certified corporate as well as an industrial training providing company that deals in PHP, ASP, ASP.net, Java as well as Ethical hacking.

It is a well known fact that hackers regularly play havoc in the IT Sector and bring disgrace to a utility which is otherwise highly beneficial for humanity . Tyagi’s brand of talent is the only effective defence against this menace. An esctatic Rahul said of his selection, “I have grabbed a great opportunity to serve mankind by using my skills to prevent unethical hacking.”

Congratulating, Tyagi on his move into the echelons of LPU achievers, the Executive Dean of the University, Mrs. Rashmi Mittal said, “It has pleased me immensely to learn that in addition to acing their regular professional study courses, students at LPU are honing non-conventional skills that are necessary to curb crimes like hacking which impede technological growth. Students like Rahul Tyagi do their alma mater proud.”