Pulsing the need for convenient transportation facility for students, LPU has adopted eco-friendly bicycle sharing system across the campus. For this, LPU has collaborated with ‘Hero Cycles’ for a unique ‘bike sharing program’ at the campus. Because of the success of this system, LPU has been declared as the country’s first ‘Bicycle Friendly University’. Near 600 bicycles have been made available to students along with 15+ stands across the campus which are shared by near 4000 students per day. Across the campus, there are blue and yellow coloured ‘Bike stands’, where students can park as well find bikes. Entering the campus, the first parking spot for bikes is at LPU Main Gate, and then there are parking spots at different blocks including DSW, UniMall, Admin Block and more.

Bicycle Friendly University - Hexi Bikes LPU

Seeing the bikes ‘Sharing Economy Project’ running very successfully at LPU campus for the last six months, HEXI CEO, Pankaj Agrawal and Sales & Marketing Head, Ms Yeshonil reached LPU campus, today, and declared LPU as a ‘Bicycle Friendly University’. They also appreciated the university for making its students aware of pollution, unhealthy rides and traffic congestion through ‘Hexi-Bikes’.

Bicycle Friendly University - Hexi Bikes at LPU

CEO Agrawal shared: “We all at the company are extremely pleased to note that this is first of its kind project in the whole of the world, where not even a single bike has been lost or damaged since its first plying six months back. Seeing massive students’ support to it, we want to add more novel type of e-bikes, alloy bikes, and roadster or so with nominal packages so that more and more students get engaged with sharing based bike-rides, instead of only buying. I am thankful while sharing that this dream project of ours would not have been successful without the full-fledged co-operation and collaboration of LPU.”

Students can use Hexi bikes by downloading the Hexi app; register and choose their preferred plan; unlock the smart bike and start their ride for the desired destination on the campus. In fact, Hexi is a transportation technology company which is operating across the world through their partners and affiliates. Currently, it has dock based as well as dock-less bike sharing operations in Malaysia, Singapore, China and India.