One of the key policy players of the country, Mr Shaurya Doval visited Lovely Professional University, where he motivated students to lead India to be globally top in the forthcoming years. Mr Shaurya is the founder of an independent research centre focussed on the issues, challenges and opportunities of the Indian polity-‘India Foundation’.

In addition to earning various academic, industry and strategic accolades, Mr Shaurya is also illustrious in being an alumnus of London School of Business and Chicago University, and working as investment banker for GE Capital and Morgan Stanley.

The occasion was an interactive “Youth Talk” event organized at Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium of LPU to inspire students joining the new academic session of the university. Using many self-explanatory key-liners, one of the corporate giants, Mr Shaurya motivated students to live a constructive life for self and the nation. He invoked them to be a radical change in making the country advantageous for all across the globe. Expand your horizons and train your mind to think in a novel way. Never underestimate your potential. Never give up, start with the things in hand, and time sets the things right with novel thinking. Use your talent to the extreme by being your true-self.

LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal and Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Lovi Raj Gupta welcomed the elite guest on his arrival at the event. On the adjacent side of the event, Mr Shaurya also met and interacted with senior think-tank of the university, where LPU Vice President Dr Aman Mittal was also prominently present. Here, Mr Shaurya shared about various opportunities for academia by the Government of India. He elaborated that by working jointly India can reach the pinnacles of needed research-works and innovations for the overall betterment of global mankind.

Sharing that he always feels honoured to be an Indian and to serve India, Mr Shaurya informed students that “for hundreds of years India was looted of its wealth in different kinds by invaders; however, it just took some years after its Independence to become one of the largest economies of the world. Today, India’s GDP is bigger than the GDP of the UK – the country that ruled India for 200 years. He also added that with the immense growth of the Indian economy under the present regime, India has emerged as a global powerhouse. Its global importance can be ascertained from its becoming a member of world’s progressive and richest- G20 nations; and, now G7 nations are intending India to join them.

Here, the guest also shared that corruption had existed for many years in India. With lack of suitable opportunities due to this, meritorious Indians reached foreign lands, and revealed their abilities there. Thus, the country loses its talent. It must end, totally. However, the current government is ensuring to provide a transparent governance model by using the latest technology.

While interacting with students and answering their individual questions, Mr Shaurya shared that within the next few years, India will be one of the harbingers of global security through its inherent powers. India used to be dependent upon other countries for receiving medical aids; however, during COVID-19 it emerged as one among first six countries that developed the needed vaccines. Here, Mr Shaurya laid emphasis on the need for more research and innovation oriented works.

Answering about the comparative difference on his being an international student, he shared that Indian studies make students hard-working, honest, and able with right vision. That is why, Indians are ruling various top sectors globally. To another student, he informed that what you know is more important than you don’t; expand the same. Believe in yourself and in your dreams and continue working hard and innovatively with devotion and honesty.